Monday, June 19, 2017

Homecoming Talk - Palo Verde Ward

I've decided that Missionary homecomings are an AMAZING way to spend celebrating Fathers Day. What a sweet and special day it was listening to Cam's missionary report. His faith building experiences and how he grew to be the best missionary possible were heartfelt. So proud of my boy and the great and obedient missionary he was. Lobi Cam! 


First stop today, the temple.

Home Sweet Home - 1st night Shenanigans!

The Pelikaan has landed! My boy is home! Seriously the BEST moment!

I keep trying to find the words to thank God for not only returning my son home to me, but for the incredible job he's done in protecting him and changing him into the young man we reunited with last night. My tears won't stop, my heart is BURSTING with joy, I can't believe he's home. I laugh watching him struggle trying to find the English words and laugh a bit harder when he randomly starts speaking in Dutch. God knows my heart and I'm so thankful for that. #missionarymom #camgivesthebesthugs