Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey Guys! Sorry I don't have that much time this week for a weekly email but I'm glad to say that all is good on the south front! The sun has been cooking me pretty badly recently and today we went to a place called Cola Creek, it's called Cola Creek because the water is the color of cola (brown) but even if I could swim in it I wouldn't! I'm fairly certain that's it's that color because of nasty stuff! But pictured below is a picture of a gecko I befriended, I caught him sneaking a drink from my cup and after him not liking me for a little bit we eventually became bros and he accepted me as his father, I named him Frank and I tamed him! Unfortunately I had to let him go back because I couldn't keep him but he will forever remember me!

I've been teaching English to this Portuguese speaking member and it's really interesting learning more about English as I teach it! They don't celebrate Halloween here really, the people here are pretty superstitious, they have giant trees here, people won't cut them down since they believe they'll receive an evil spirit if they do!

See ya next week!

-Elder Hardy

Pictured is Frank, a gecko I caught sneaking a drink from my cup
Thanks for the hat and the box full of Cheetos, Nana!

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Missionary P-Day at Cola Kreek
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Monday, October 19, 2015

Zone Conference, Atonement and Baptism Dates

Fawaka mi broeders en Zusters! Hoe gaat het met jullie? This week was zone meeting so that means we had the chance to hear of new policies, which included no more screens on music players as well as a radio option (because temptations) which kind of saddened me a little because Elder Cooper's music player has a screen...But it was awesome being able to see President and Sister Egbert today so that was cool! I also had a chance to talk with President Egbert, we talked about how important the atonement is for our lives and role it truly plays in it, the power to be forgiven our sins is truly a powerful one! We have an investigator named Evelyn who has a baptismal date, we asked her to pray if November 14 was the day she should become baptized and the next time we saw her she said how she felt really good about it. So that means we have to baptisms coming up, one on October 31st and now one on November 14, hopefully Roel is able to be baptized on October 31st because he's been in the Binnalands and hasn't been able to go to church. But now he'll have the chance to! Well I don't have any pictures this week, this cyber is known throughout the missionaries to eat SD cards, so next time I will!

Tot later,
Elder Hardy

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hey guys! This week has been pretty awesome. We've seen some weird stuff but a lot of awesome things have been happening as well! One of our most progressing investigators, Evelyn, is doing really well! She's a bit older, in her 50s-60s I can't tell ages here! We have another investigator in the Binnalands since he's in the military here so we've been having to do phone call lessons with him, it certainly is a weird experience teaching at home. Yesterday we were trying to meet with a contact that we had met on the street. As we headed to her house she yelled out to us, "Een andere keer!" So we got on our bikes and kept riding, so we decided that it was a good time to start contacting. It went really well! We stopped at this one house and started to "klop" but they didn't hear us after a while so we got on our bikes and began to keep going when these two little kids, about 6 or 7 talked to us a bit, nothing unusual to hear from little kids! As we were leaving the house we saw a woman doing laundry in her yard and we said how we would head over there. When we started talking to the woman it turns out that one of the boys was her son! She was pretty excited about the Book of Mormon but she was worried that she wouldn't have time to read it, so I got out a pamphlet and began to write our info on it, as I was waiting for an opportunity to offer it to her, one of the boys saw the picture of Jesus on the front and was curious, so I flipped through the pictures on it and they liked it! One of the little boys, John, said how his house was down the street and how he wanted his family to hear more! So we went to the house and the boys began running around the housing (it had multiple tenants) trying to find people for us to teach, we had the boys contacting for us! John and Chavez were pretty cool boys. John's mom was sleeping so we talked to him a little bit, he was surprised when we explained that this was what we did for work, he wanted a pamphlet so we gave him it with our info and began to ride off, until his mom came out. When we began talking to her and gave her a Book of Mormon, I kid you not, he pumped his fist in the air! Elder Cooper and I each got pictures with these awesome kids! As we were talking to John's mom the boys were back talking to Chavez's mom talking about the pamphlet that they had! Little missionaries in the making?

Elder Hardy

From Left to Right; Chavez, John and I

Monday, October 5, 2015

Deze week in Suriname

Hey guys and gals! This week was General Conference, which essentially means I had the chance to listen to the leaders of the church while hanging out with a bunch of missionaries and members! It was a fun time, I couldn't help but get worried when I saw the prophet struggle with standing up there, we were taking down some notes and not a single one of us weren't watching the screen, it was certainly worrying! This week we had the good grace to have one of our investigators come to one of the sessions, she talked a bit with one of the Sister Missionaries and they sounded like they got along so that's pretty cool! I miss the moments when I used to sit on the couch and watch conference wrapped up all burrito style, felt a lot different considering I was wearing a shirt and tie the whole time for the first time in my life! It was reassuring watching conference knowing that even though I'm not with my family that what I'm doing is needed and how they're watching the same thing I am! This week was pretty exciting in how successful we've been in finding people who are very excited for our message. We were in a neighborhood klopping at peoples homes when an older couple was pretty interested, after talking to them for about 5 minutes about our church, they let us sit down with them and we taught them the about the restoration and the Book of Mormon! It's was pretty cool watching their faces light up when they heard about prophets being on the Earth again! Well that's all for this week guys, my time is out on the computer, tot later!

Elder Hardy