Monday, January 30, 2017

"Ik heb geen belangstelling, ik ga naar binnen." "Oké, fijne avond verder!"

Fawaka allemaal!

This was yet another fun filled week! We did a lot of walking around and talking with people this week, we realized that it's been 3 days since we've actually had an appointment with someone but today should change that up a bit! We also had a missionary broadcast this week which was really cool to watch, they talked a lot about repentance and the gospel of Jesus Christ and how the points (Through Jesus Christ we can be cleansed from sin, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the end) aren't separate or to be filled as in a cookbook but they are all intertwined with each other!

We had an interesting lesson with a Dutch man named Frizo. We started our lesson with a prayer and he then explained to us that we were wasting our time and how he just wasn't religious. We read Alma 18 from the Book of Mormon with him, in that chapter a man name Ammon is teaching King Lamoni about God and about his relationship with Him. We had a really good, spiritually strong lesson but unfortunately he decided that what we had, wasn't for him. He's still our friend, he made that clear but he just wasn't interested in learning about God. Also, the quote from on top happened as we were contacting one night when this older Dutch man came outside, we explained who we were and he wasn't interested. But a fun thing about that night is that as we were "knocking" (we actually just yell: good morning, afternoon or night, at their door) there was an adorable French Bulldog who just absolutely loved us, we were petting him and he started to fall asleep on my hand! We also got serenaded by an old man in Spanish, it's was pretty funny, he was singing about a girl in Curacao but because I don't really speak Spanish, I didn't pick up much. We met an older woman from New Orleans, Louisiana named Shelley, she's so nice and funny! She had a Book of Mormon already but because the print is so fine she couldn't read it. We downloaded Gospel Library (an app for the scriptures) and she was so excited!

Well that's it for me, not too event filled but I hope I you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Hardy

Attached: Gari (a young man in our branch), Elder Lewis washing the car and something that reminded me of Karate Kid, I turned the "wax on"  

Monday, January 23, 2017

Waarom had de kip over de straat gestoken? Omdat iedereen wilde hem dat doen.

Good afternoon everyone! I'm going to start this email by talking about last week, so bear with me.

So this past week (the week before this one) was pretty cool, we were able to find a middle-aged couple. Lately, we've been focusing on smaller areas so that way we can talk with EVERYONE in the area. We were about to head to a new area to begin since we had tried to talk with everyone in the area about 3 or 4 times already, unless they were home of course. But we felt like we needed to go back and we found Adi & Irene! They'd been visited by Elders in the past and Adi had even received a priesthood blessing for a sickness he used to have! We explained how we were lead there and Adi agreed with us wholeheartedly! He even said, "Ik geloof in toevallige dingen niet." or "I don't believe in accidents"

Now this past week were contacting and we met a woman named Sandra; her parents are American, but she's lived all over the place because her dad's a pastor for a radio station that broadcasts everywhere. She invited us to sit on her porch with her and we asked her about her belief in God and we were able to have a wonderful conversation and then her husband biked up and he joined in! They said we could come back later so we came on Saturday and they had read the pamphlet we had left with them. We taught about the Restoration and focused a lot on prophets and dispensations and how the priesthood works. As we shared the first vision I got a bit emotional but I felt the spirit very strongly and I took confidence that they were feeling it as well. The spirit was so powerful there, it felt as if I were floating in my seat a bit! We gave them a Book of Mormon and they said they would read the chapter we gave them (3 Nephi 11).

As we were walking away, I remarked to Elder Lewis how we were Nephi; I could see that they wanted to tell us that what we were saying wasn't true but they just couldn't, the words stopped in their mouths, I haven't had an experience like that before.

Well, my week was awesome and I can only hope that you are all having a fantastic week as well! Love you all, take care, and live long and prosper!

Elder Hardy

attached: cool mural on the wall and Kevin, funny little kid of one of our members from the Netherlands.

Title Translation: Waarom had de kip over de straat gestoken? Omdat iedereen wilde hem dat doen. (Why did the chicken crossed the road? Because everyone wanted him to do that.)

Sunsets NEVER get old! 

Better late than never!

Thanks Nana for the MOST needed gift of all! 

Thank Uncle Doug, Aunt Dawn, MaKenna, Kate & Alexa

Pictures are a little bit blury, but his stocking hats are Star Wars.

Christmas gift from cousin Kara

Monday, January 16, 2017

Bijna geen tijd! (Almost no time!)

Hey everyone, I don't have very much time today but I'll tell you more about it next week. I included some pictures, but just know that Bonaire is awesome, you're awesome and God loves your face.

Het spijt me!!!!!  (Sorry!!!!!)

Elder Hardy

Happy Sabbath from Bonaire. Saw Elder Lewis and Elder Hardy today. My name is Kimberly and I'm from Orem Utah. Here in Bonaire on vacation with some family. Great to run into missionaries on this little island.
Woke up from a little Sunday nap to this beautiful text! Thank you Kimberly from Orem, you made this missionary mama very happy!

Pas op voor dushi   translation: beware of Voor Dushi