Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"Hoeveel oliebollen heb je gegeten?" "Zeven." "Heb je meer nodig?" "Laat me even nadenken." "De stem van mijn moeder zeide nee."

Happy New Year everyone!!

It's hard to believe I haven't emailed you for a year! We had a fantastic week in Bonaire yet again! This place is really cool, I've met some really cool people and some really friendly animals! I spied a cat down the road and the cat came all the way from down the road, jumped on the wall and walked up to my hand. I was impressed at that cat's tenaciousness. Saturday was really cool, we went over to the Albus' house and ate some Oliebollen, they're a Nederlandse treat, typically eaten on New Years and they're really good but I don't know what I can compare them to. I ate a bunch because she told us to and when it comes to tasty food on a holiday, my will is removed from me and replaced with a larger desert stomach!

Afterwards, we tried to meet some new people and we actually met a really cool Dutchman. He wasn't too interested in our message but he had a very strong belief in Christ so that was refreshing! We then headed to the Solalarin's house for New Year's Eve dinner, it was a small party! Unfortunately, almost all of them spake only Spanish so I couldn't really chat besides the Spanish I learned from Dora, my friends in High School and attorney commercials in Spanish from when I was living in Las Vegas. It was fun though! Before we ate, we all sat around this giant table and Elder Munoz translated for me what Brother Solalarin was saying. He thanked us all for coming and was grateful for the chance to have us all be together to celebrate a new and prosperous year coming. He then asked ME to say the prayer! He said I could just say it in English but it certainly felt weird, praying in English with a bunch of Spanish speakers around me!

My toe is doing better, my nail was ingrown so while I was in Guyana I got an operation on it and they put stitches in it. We've been going to the clinic to get my bandages changed and on Thursday I'm going to get my stitches taken out!

A really cool experience we had yesterday was we were contacting and we met a man named Peter, he's from Golden, Colorado! It was really cool, he even had on a Rockies shirt! We talked with him for a little bit and he's Gynecologist. He told us a funny story about when he had a weird type of stone in his neck and his friend tried to remove it, couldn't do it; he brought in the chief resident and he couldn't do it so eventually they brought in the main director and he was really irritated but removed the stone no problem! It was really funny, the whole time he had blood and saliva around his mouth so it just looked like a crime scene! We eventually asked him if he had ever seen missionaries like us before in Colorado (they were on vacation) and he explained that he's seen us but we've never knocked on his door. So we had a really cool experience talking with him! We talked about the Book of Mormon and explained it a little bit and gave it to him; we we're able to get him number and address so that the missionaries in Colorado can visit him!

Today I made some goals for the new year, which is something that I never thought I would do but I felt it was a good idea! One of my goals is to show more care for people so, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Happy New Year.

Elder Hardy

Title Translation:
"How many donuts did you eat?" "Seven." "Do you need more?" "Let me think." "The voice of my mother said no."


Elder Lewis
Look at those GIANT feet

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