Monday, July 25, 2016

Leef en laat leven!

Live and let live!

Hey everyone it's Elder Hardy again!

Still here in Suriname thankfully! This past Tuesday I taught my first district meeting, it was pretty interesting because I was nervous but it actually went really well! We talked about the Godhead and even though I prepared a lot I didn't up having to share it and instead substituted it with stuff I hadn't prepared! It was very interesting, I basically went into just thinking, "Alright, I'm going to go in there and just do/share whatever comes to mind!" it worked out. It's crazy how the spirit can help you a ton if you actually do your part!

This week with Elder Carpenter was pretty fun, lot of biking and telling jokes as we bike to Groningen, it helps make the bike ride feel shorter. We put one of our investigators, Saaif on a baptismal date, he was really excited! I had the chance to go on a few exchanges this week and it was nice being able to work with some of the other Elders in the district. Being Uitkijk sometimes makes me forget that there's an outside world!

Funny story; Elder Bowen and I were on exchanges in Uitkijk when this Surinamer decided to bike as hard as he could to pass us. Eventually we caught up by just biking normal and passed him, he then sped up and asked me in Sranan Tongo if I wanted to race, I told him all right and we raced! I totally smoked him. He turned in and his friends were just laughing at him. I actually got really far so I slowed down and Elder Bowen and I started laughing about it.

This week in all was pretty good though, lots of biking around and unfortunately the hotdog place I loved is out of flour! I didn't even know that could happen D:

Anways, love you all!

-Elder Hardy

Suriname District Conferences - South Zone 

Monday, July 18, 2016


Goede morgen, middag en avond!(Good morning, afternoon and evening!) This week has been quite fun, I have a new companion now officially, his name is Elder Carpenter, he's a pretty awesome guy. He only has 6 weeks left before he goes home so it's certainly going to be interesting "killing" a missionary!

We've had some interesting times already just biking around, Elder Carpenter has made the goal that he's going to one day defend himself against a dog with an umbrella! I'm excited for this transfer! haha We almost got surrounded by a bunch of dogs but he did some ninja moves and it scared them off (he's also part Japanese).

I'm excited and nervous to be a district leader, there are 5 companionships in my area so I have a lot of work to do but it'll all work out! As the district leader I conduct baptismal interviews, teach at district meetings and do companion exchanges. It's fun but a little stressful but I'm handling it alright, tomorrow I teach my first district meeting and I'm excited but nervous as well but I feel that with as much preparation I've done, I don't need to worry because I'll get about as much grace as I need. Also I attached some pictures of a sloth I found, I got very excited when I found it because I've wanted to find one since the beginning of my mission and viola! Sloth!

I was pretty pumped.

Sorry about the email, not too much time today!

Elder Hardy

He's been trying to find a sloth his entire mission. After one year he finally found one! Whoop - Happy Day! Can you believe these things are just on the side of the road. 

Random critters in his apartment. 

 Glad he's getting lots of sugar still in his diet. ;) 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Transfer Call Time, Bike Problems, Tons of Pictures, Oh and The New District Leader for the South Zone!

This week has been interesting, unfortunately my bike is still een beetje kapot (a bit broken), both of our bikes actually but it's still been good. I went on an exchange with Elder Hood, it was pretty fun but bike problems made us be pretty late in getting back home, he's going home in a couple days!

We also got transfer calls this week and it turns out that I'm staying in Uitkijk but Elder Rodas is leaving, I'm also becoming the district leader for South Zone, so I'm a little nervous about that! I'm also excited because it means I get to have some interesting studies, about what? I'm not sure yet!

I'm excited to be with Elder Carpenter but I'm also a bit worried, we're basically the same person! Last time we were on exchanges and he was sick so we just talked the entire and it was pretty sweet so I'll have to be careful! But I feel certain that we'll be able to get the work going in this area more. I heard how they might give us, the Uitkijk Elders, mountain bikes! It was a bit of a rumor but I hope it happens, if I could tell you how many times I've heard people say these Dutch bikes are not designed for the bike rides I do, I could probably buy a new bike, haha!

Well I'm excited about this new transfer and I'm excited as to what is held in store!


Elder Hardy


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Truly Foreign 4th of July!

Hi everyone! It's Elder Hardy again.
But you already knew that.

This week was another wonderful week in Uitkijk! Unfortunately we had a lot of bike problems so it certainly made the week feel a bit longer but we managed well enough. It involved a lot of pulling, Elder Rodas and I biked to Groningen which is about an hour and a half away from home and I pulled him from there to home! We stopped half-way (at the half-way point) at a winkel and I got a gatorade, some peanuts and pedaled as fast as I could home! I even managed to pull him over the Sarramacca bridge. We were approaching it and Elder Rodas made a joke about me pulling him over the bridge, so I shrugged and started pedaling super fast! Almost died at the top but I did it!

Today was the 4th of July, Independence Day! So we decided to celebrate pretty well today, we bought meat, soda, snacks and we even hung up an American flag! Sorry about no pictures but next week they should be up! It was very fun getting back together with everyone, it feels that with a lot of the missionaries in North Zone I haven't seen them in ages! We also got to celebrate it with our new Senior Couple; the Crawfords! They're wonderful, they even made us this really tasty banana bread type thing with blueberries in it! Lekker.

I'm excited for tonight, we're going to have a Family Home Evening with this less-active family. We sat with the mom last night and had a very spiritual lesson as we talked about the Godhead and parts of the Restoration. Her daughter came out afterwards and told us how we are all going to have a family home evening either Monday or next Monday, so voila! I'm excited, it should be a very good opportunity to help bring them closer together as a family!

Here in Suriname I can't shoot off make sure to shoot off a bunch for me and after you do that, shoot off more!


Elder Hardy
Photo Credit: Elder Burr's mom- Thank you Jenn!