Monday, July 25, 2016

Leef en laat leven!

Live and let live!

Hey everyone it's Elder Hardy again!

Still here in Suriname thankfully! This past Tuesday I taught my first district meeting, it was pretty interesting because I was nervous but it actually went really well! We talked about the Godhead and even though I prepared a lot I didn't up having to share it and instead substituted it with stuff I hadn't prepared! It was very interesting, I basically went into just thinking, "Alright, I'm going to go in there and just do/share whatever comes to mind!" it worked out. It's crazy how the spirit can help you a ton if you actually do your part!

This week with Elder Carpenter was pretty fun, lot of biking and telling jokes as we bike to Groningen, it helps make the bike ride feel shorter. We put one of our investigators, Saaif on a baptismal date, he was really excited! I had the chance to go on a few exchanges this week and it was nice being able to work with some of the other Elders in the district. Being Uitkijk sometimes makes me forget that there's an outside world!

Funny story; Elder Bowen and I were on exchanges in Uitkijk when this Surinamer decided to bike as hard as he could to pass us. Eventually we caught up by just biking normal and passed him, he then sped up and asked me in Sranan Tongo if I wanted to race, I told him all right and we raced! I totally smoked him. He turned in and his friends were just laughing at him. I actually got really far so I slowed down and Elder Bowen and I started laughing about it.

This week in all was pretty good though, lots of biking around and unfortunately the hotdog place I loved is out of flour! I didn't even know that could happen D:

Anways, love you all!

-Elder Hardy

Suriname District Conferences - South Zone 

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