Monday, August 1, 2016

Vraag me waarom ik bezig ben!


Hey everyone, it's been another fantastic, suspense filled, action ride of a journey here again in good 'Nam; Suriname!

A lot has happened this week so it's time to test my memory.

After emailing we played games with all the missionaries, Elder Carpenter and I did some trunky shopping before hand but it was pretty fun, he ended up buying this really cool Indian Chief ring for only 27 SRD, I'll have to look into that next time we're over there.

On Wednesday it was Brother Ronorejoe's birthday so we put together a quick put together (but well done) present. We tried making cookies out of cake mix but we ended up burning them on the bottom so I took a knife and cut off the bottoms of them. We also put in: candy, more cookies, some ties and mentos! He and his family loved it! I also took a tie that I had (it was a small one) and gave it to their adopted son Simeon! Sister Ronorejoe thought it was adorable and so they had me tie it on him, it was weird because it made me think about doing this with my son one day ANYWAYS let me get back on track.

We also did some service with Brother Tapoh, het was echt zwaar werk! We went to a lumber yard and loaded a bunch of trees cut in half and loaded them into this giant blue truck. On the way there it was pretty funny, the taxi driver was pretty late and got mad at me when I accidentally shut the door a little hard, also the tint started coming off when I rolled down the window but he was out of the car when that happened! 😎

We've found a lot of cool people recently, we've been exploring some parts that I haven't contacted before (see picture below) and they've been very interested! We were biking down this one dirt road and it started raining, after a bit I looked at this one house and I felt like we needed to go talk to them. So we went there and they were willing to talk with us! We ended up talking with the rest of the people down the road and they were all willing! We had a really cool lesson with this one Hindu woman and she said how what we were saying felt true!

Today we've been trying to get haircuts but unfortunately, here the opening times they have written down are just suggestions!

Well it's been a pleasure talking with you all and I hope you're doing well!

Elder Hardy

The title translates to
"Ask me why I'm busy!"

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