Monday, August 8, 2016

Mi go nanga Trinidad (or) Ik moet naar Trinidad gaan!

Hey everyone it's Elder Hardy (yes, yet again) I am emailing to let you all know that I'm still alive. I haven't been attacked by monkeys, (recently) surrounded by bandits, (this transfer) given free reign of a car (still waiting) and I also haven't crashed my bike yet! (probably jinxing it)

This week has been really good, we've had some difficult times, but in the end I like to think that everything happens for a reason. Usually I come to the conclusion that it's meant to make me more durable and flexible. This week was pretty cool, we were able to help Brother Tapoh finish with moving the rest of the wood that we brought him, it's pretty surprising how much wood there actually was. I'm really glad we did it because even though he works a lot, whenever we see him he looks genuinely happy to see us!

My bike is on the fritz again but we'll be getting something called a "kettings trekker" or a chain puller. The reason why, is because my chain keeps falling off but it should be resolved soon, for the time being I'll just have to get really fast at putting it back on!

A funny story this week: we road our bikes up to Koewarasan so the zone leaders could pick us up and take me to the dentist. As we were waiting, the little neighbor girl was interested as to why we were sitting there. She was probably the nicest person I've met in Suriname! She was really adorable, she asked what our names were so the conversation when like this, "Wat is U naam? "Ik ben Elder Hardy" "Dat is heel mooi" I didn't think I'd have someone tell me my name was pretty before haha. She ran in circles, sang for us and eventually tried giving me here little doll; I also kept giving here some stickers I had and at the end I just gave her all of them! She then came back and a blew a little kiss at us! I made a video of her singing so hopefully my mom can post that some where!

Thanks for your support!

-Elder Hardy

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