Monday, August 22, 2016

Time for another report

Good afternoon everyone!

Time for another report.

Captains log, "The Admiral has sent me further stationing orders, he has told me to hold position and await further commands. The jungle creatures seem to be taunting us; they've already eaten one of my best soldiers, I'm starting to doubt that the Admiral will ever send reinforcements."

We got transfer calls and I'm still in Uitkijk! Wooh! Because of the lack of missionaries for now, I'm going to be in Uitkijk and Koewaransang so it'll certainly be quite an adventure. They're the two biggest and most jungle-like areas but we have some missionaries coming in about a week and a half so it won't be for too long and then I'll probably be training a new missionary!

This week we had Zone Conference with President Egbert, we talked a lot about Charity and updating our record and making sure that we're writing everything down! (Mostly spiritual experiences) It was pretty fun, it's always a good time learning from President Egbert. Elder Lewis is going to Bonaire so this would be the last time our entire MTC district would be together, so we took some pictures! I attached one at the bottom.

This week was very crazy as well, 8 people got baptized! Elder Jennings and I had to do baptismal interviews for the family Sabiyo and we did all 6 of them Saturday night! I had never done a baptismal interview before that night and by the end, I had 3 under my belt. Fun night, one of the kids, Priscilla, was nice and funny. At the end I told her she had passed and she got very excited when I told her how I would be at the baptism as well. Little kids are so funny.

Well sorry I don't more this week but that's all for now!

Elder Hardy, signing out!

Elder Hardy

MTC district
SNOWSTORM IN SURINAME! 8 baptisms this past Saturday. Sets the record for the mission this year for most baptized at one time in one area!

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