Monday, August 15, 2016

"Elder Hardy, ik heb noch acht meer dagen, ik kan zonder schoenen leven"

Good day everyone! It's been another wonderful and exciting week in the crazy jungle paradise of Suriname! I'm doing well, so don't fret.

This week I was in Trinidad and it was certainly interesting. I got hit by a car! A car drove by as I was walking around with my companion for the day but it just nicked my elbow. It felt really weird and we just started laughing kind of awkwardly. The car stopped but after checking out my elbow, I waved him to keep going and he honked (car language) "thanks" and kept going.

Luckily I was only there for a day and a half this time but it worked out. Trinidad was cool but I'm glad to be back here in Suriname. Whenever I tried talking with people in Trinidad, Dutch came out first and then I changed to English. I could've sworn I heard people say a few Dutch words but I might just be imagining.

Today we went to a fort called Nieuw Amsterdam! It was really fun, I took some funny pictures and I hope you enjoy them! I got a picture with me hanging out of a cannon, (always wanted to do that) I got a picture with my two companions from the MTC and I got a picture of Elder Carpenter after we fell in some mud. The title of the email is a quote from him but written in Dutch.

This week is Zone Conference so I'm excited to see what message President Egbert has for us. I'm always excited for it because it really gives me a spiritual rejuvenation which makes the next 6-12 weeks more easy!

Anyways, I hope I didn't write too much so I'm going to call it here. I wish you all een mooie week and een fijne daag verder!


Elder Hardy

Elder Trio from the MTC reunited for a fun excursion to Nieuw Amsterdam

Elder Carpenter fell in the mud. "Elder Hardy, ik heb noch acht meer dagen, ik kan zonder schoenen leven"

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