Monday, November 28, 2016

"Is de bal in de goot gevallen?" "Jawel" "Shucks." ( "Has the ball fallen in the gutter?" "Yes" "Shucks.")

Good afternoon everyone!! Sorry to send this a bit later today, we had our Thanksgiving today! It was pretty fun; we ate turkey, pumpkin pie, rolls and other thanksgiving related items!

Afterwards, Elder Fry of the Senior Couple talked about the Plan of Salvation in relation to the Book of Mormon. There's a special relationship between these two because the Plan of Salvation, Redemption, Happiness, etc. are all mentioned in great detail in the Book of Mormon. Why is that important? Because it teaches us that God has a plan and that the path we are currently on is not Plan B, it's His plan and it's perfect!

This week we're having MLC in Trinidad so the other Zone Leaders and I are flying to Trinidad to meet with the rest of the mission, should be inspirational!

This week has been fun with all of the walking around we've had to do, it's mostly been a mish-mash of contacting and trying to sit with everyone we know. It's working out, mostly! We've met a lot of cool people and have had some very spiritual lessons.

One of my favorites was with a man named David. David used to sit with the missionaries but stopped for a little bit but kept reading the Book of Mormon. We were on our way to District Meeting one day when David walked past us and stopped and bore his testimony about the book and how he knows it's of God. He used to read the Quran but said, "I've stopped reading it, I like this book better, it speaks to me." He's so cool!

Well, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Elder Hardy

Attached is a picture of my Thanksgiving meal; microwavable pizza and a Dr. Pepper and Sister Benjamin's makeshift Nativity scene.

Monday, November 21, 2016

"Het is aan het regenen." "Waar zijn de wolken!?" ("Its raining." "Where are the clouds !?")

Good morning everyone!

This week has been pretty crazy with transfers and everything! I wish I had enough time to tell you how stressful everything is but let's be honest, who has time for that? Ain't nobody got time fuh dat.

Anyways! My new companion is Elder Payne, he's from Idaho (no he's not a potato) and came to the mission the same time as I did. He's pretty cool, it's interesting thinking that it's taken this long for me to see him since the MTC. We had Zone Meeting with Curacao through video conference. It didn't work out too well because of technical difficulties but it was kind of cool. The hard part about being a new Zone Leader is that I have no clue what I'm doing but I need to act like I know what I'm doing, similar to how I started doing missionary work, I suppose! In all honesty though it's been a blast, I just love being on a mission, this is the only time that I or one of the other thousands of missionaries around the world will have the chance to do something like this. We'll never have this opportunity twice and I'm grateful that I'm here now!

I attached some pictures of when I found one of my favorite drinks and final pictures of the Rose Hall/ Corriverton District.

Sorry about the short email,
Hopefully it won't happen again,
Sorry if it does,
I'll let you go now,

Elder Hardy

Monday, November 14, 2016

Waar moet ik heen gaan? Over de rivier. Wonderbaar, meer vissen!

Good morning everyone! This week was yet another spectacular one here in beautiful Guyana.

This week we had the opportunity to go to Zone Conference with all of Guyana. Lots of Elders. It was really cool, we talked a lot about working with recently baptized members of the church. We even had some members there who were preparing for missions and we had two people share their conversion stories of when they first got baptized. It was really cool, they talked a lot about the strength they received to actually make it, the converting power of the Book of Mormon and one woman talked about how because of the missionaries' invitations, she's "addicted to praying". I even got to meet an Elder Peters from the Netherlands, it's pretty fun talking with him because he was a little surprised to be speaking Dutch. He said, (in Dutch) that it had felt like forever since he spoke Dutch.

We also got our transfer calls, I'm going to La Grange, it's by Georgetown and over the river. I heard they even have a chapel, I'm really excited! I'm definitely going to miss Rose Hall and Elder Andrus but it should be a good experience.

I also got my alligator scripture case, I think I might name him either: Charmander, Snuggles or Al(ligator).

I forgot to mention, on Monday or apartment got flooded because of our washing machine pumping out water on our floor. It took us about 3 hours to bail, clean and replace everything back but it wasn't too bad; we still got to go and teach a lesson!

Not too much time today but I hope you all have a spectacular week!

Elder Hardy

A Note from Elder Andrus about the above photo: We flooded the apartment again! By we, I mean I…LOL We spent 3 hours bailing, mopping and sopping up water. There was 3 inches of water in the bedroom. It was SO bad. We cleaned it all up though. And now it smells really nice! Looking on the bright side. Lol

The Branch President's wife sends photos through facebook! We LOVE getting them! I believe her name is Malenie Hussain, although she goes by Pretty Maria on facebook. :)

Elder Andrus, Elder Hardy and President Hussain (branch President)

Elder Andrus and Elder Hardy BFF's

Yes those are I love Jesus hair clips,