Thursday, November 3, 2016

Basketbal maakt me moe maar een victorie smaakt lekker!

Goede middag iedereen! Vandaag was geweldig! Wij hadden een beetje basketbal gespeeld; het was de "Oudere" tegen de "Jongere" het was echt een wedstrijd maar het ging goed! (Good afternoon, everyone! Today was great! We had played a little basketball; it was the "Elder" against the "Younger" It was really a contest but it went well!)

Diwali was this week and boy was it crazy!  It's funny to think that this is my second Diwali in Guyana. Last year I was here because of visa problems; this time was better, I didn't fall in a trench this time! We had some fun being with a few members during eat, I ate so much curry throughout the day I thought I was going to explode! It was fun though.

Clarion came to church and so did her mom! She's so cool, she loves reading the Book of Mormon and she always has really good questions! I love going to teach someone and you, yourself, learns something! Also at church there were some cows we needed to drive off the lawn. A few weeks ago a cow came through the fence, stupid cows.

Also we got asked to bless a car, it was kind of weird. The member told us how his parents are just very superstitious so we consented. I offered the prayer and the father also asked to pray that he would be able to find work, so it mostly was a blessing for the family, with a blessing that the car wouldn't break down.

Well that was my week in a nutshell, I also had to walk about 20 miles home because my tire got a giant piece of metal through it. It wasn't too bad!

Elder Hardy

Mom side note:
(Diwali is celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs and some Buddhists to mark different historical events, stories but they all symbolize the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, hope over despair.)

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