Monday, October 24, 2016

"Is dat land Suriname?" "Jawel" "FAWAKA SURINAME MI LOBI YU!" Hello everyone!

Eveneens een week in het land van Guyana! (Also a week in the country of Guyana!)

This week was good, I went on exchanges to Corriverton and across the river I could see Suriname so that's where the title comes from; also that last part translates to, "How's it going Suriname I love you!" It was fun, Elder Cooper and I were out with Sister Solomon and we had her take a picture for us but her thumb was in the way, still cool though haha!

Not too much to say this week because I don't have too much time but it was good. We went with Sister Marsha (she got baptized a few months ago) and we went and taught her son and his wife and they were really excited to hear what we had to say! We went back for another lesson and only the wife was home but she had read a bit from The Book of Mormon and she had a lot of good questions, it was really cool to see her find answers from what she read, the second time.

Elder Andrus is really funny, everyday basically feels like an action movie; filled with flames, dangerous critters, donkeys and more flames. I told him last night, "Elder Andrus, if I had to write a book about you, I would call it Flamethrowers and Unsafe ways to have fun" It'd probably be an Autobiography.

Well that's it for me today, sorry! Take care and remember, I love you, the Lord loves you and Satan hates your face.


Elder Hardy

me with some frogs (crap-os as they call them)

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