Monday, October 10, 2016

Een lange tijd in het bos; ben ik nog een bos-man? (A long time in the jungle; I am a jungle-man?)

Hey everyone!

This week has been pretty crazy. I was in a trio for a little bit but that was really fun, there was never a dull moment. I eventually made it to Rosehall and it's pretty fun!

The people here are nice, the other night we got called "White sirs" which was a first, weird. I also have a new companion, Elder Andrus! Elder Andrus is from Ogden, Utah, he loves Star Wars almost as much as I do and he loves cooking alligator (it's pretty good). We've had some fun walking around our area, we've been using a taxi to get around from place to place but it's really easy because there are a ton of people who will drive you around!

I learned that church in Guyana is very different, they're only slightly tone-deaf but it was a fun experience! My companion's the clerk and the senior couple gave us some training on what we need to do to make sure everything's going well.

There are also animals everywhere. I've seen: donkeys, pigs (and piglets), horses, chickens, turkeys, sheep and more goats then I ever thought imaginable. When I see a large group of goats walking towards us on the road, I like to joke around that they're in a gang and they're BAAAAd to the bone.

Well that's it for this week folks, I hope you're enjoying life!

Elder Hardy

Attached are some Ham-Subs or Bacon-Boats, some inspirational words on the side of a trench and an adorable rabbit that will bit off your fingers and take them for a walk.  

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