Monday, October 17, 2016

Goede morgen iedereen! (Good morning everyone!)

This was yet another fantastic week in the life of an Elder living in Rose Hall, Guyana. I think the reason why this week felt wonderful is because my studies have become more personal, I've trying to do my best to pick out things I need to improve upon and using the scriptures as an example!

Elder Andrus and I have also had some funny encounters. This one guy on a bike started talking to us and I could not understand a word of what he said but Elder Andrus translated for me how he wanted some money. As missionaries we can't give out money, so we took him to a small convenience store and bought him a Pepsi and some crackers. He thanked us but I still couldn't understand him, now I know why my mom told me to not mumble!

Church was very cool, it was packed with 55 people, the most the area has seen in a while! The reason why is because we haven't just been teaching by ourselves, we've been trying to take members everywhere. We got a couple of families to come back and it was really cool to see. There was a less-active, that when we saw him he was very intoxicated and very sad and regretful; we had a really good lesson about the Atonement the next time we saw him. This week we saw him in church and he was grinning ear to ear, sitting with his whole family.

Keep on keeping on and may the force be with you!

Elder Hardy 

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