Monday, July 18, 2016


Goede morgen, middag en avond!(Good morning, afternoon and evening!) This week has been quite fun, I have a new companion now officially, his name is Elder Carpenter, he's a pretty awesome guy. He only has 6 weeks left before he goes home so it's certainly going to be interesting "killing" a missionary!

We've had some interesting times already just biking around, Elder Carpenter has made the goal that he's going to one day defend himself against a dog with an umbrella! I'm excited for this transfer! haha We almost got surrounded by a bunch of dogs but he did some ninja moves and it scared them off (he's also part Japanese).

I'm excited and nervous to be a district leader, there are 5 companionships in my area so I have a lot of work to do but it'll all work out! As the district leader I conduct baptismal interviews, teach at district meetings and do companion exchanges. It's fun but a little stressful but I'm handling it alright, tomorrow I teach my first district meeting and I'm excited but nervous as well but I feel that with as much preparation I've done, I don't need to worry because I'll get about as much grace as I need. Also I attached some pictures of a sloth I found, I got very excited when I found it because I've wanted to find one since the beginning of my mission and viola! Sloth!

I was pretty pumped.

Sorry about the email, not too much time today!

Elder Hardy

He's been trying to find a sloth his entire mission. After one year he finally found one! Whoop - Happy Day! Can you believe these things are just on the side of the road. 

Random critters in his apartment. 

 Glad he's getting lots of sugar still in his diet. ;) 

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