Monday, July 11, 2016

Transfer Call Time, Bike Problems, Tons of Pictures, Oh and The New District Leader for the South Zone!

This week has been interesting, unfortunately my bike is still een beetje kapot (a bit broken), both of our bikes actually but it's still been good. I went on an exchange with Elder Hood, it was pretty fun but bike problems made us be pretty late in getting back home, he's going home in a couple days!

We also got transfer calls this week and it turns out that I'm staying in Uitkijk but Elder Rodas is leaving, I'm also becoming the district leader for South Zone, so I'm a little nervous about that! I'm also excited because it means I get to have some interesting studies, about what? I'm not sure yet!

I'm excited to be with Elder Carpenter but I'm also a bit worried, we're basically the same person! Last time we were on exchanges and he was sick so we just talked the entire and it was pretty sweet so I'll have to be careful! But I feel certain that we'll be able to get the work going in this area more. I heard how they might give us, the Uitkijk Elders, mountain bikes! It was a bit of a rumor but I hope it happens, if I could tell you how many times I've heard people say these Dutch bikes are not designed for the bike rides I do, I could probably buy a new bike, haha!

Well I'm excited about this new transfer and I'm excited as to what is held in store!


Elder Hardy


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