Monday, October 19, 2015

Zone Conference, Atonement and Baptism Dates

Fawaka mi broeders en Zusters! Hoe gaat het met jullie? This week was zone meeting so that means we had the chance to hear of new policies, which included no more screens on music players as well as a radio option (because temptations) which kind of saddened me a little because Elder Cooper's music player has a screen...But it was awesome being able to see President and Sister Egbert today so that was cool! I also had a chance to talk with President Egbert, we talked about how important the atonement is for our lives and role it truly plays in it, the power to be forgiven our sins is truly a powerful one! We have an investigator named Evelyn who has a baptismal date, we asked her to pray if November 14 was the day she should become baptized and the next time we saw her she said how she felt really good about it. So that means we have to baptisms coming up, one on October 31st and now one on November 14, hopefully Roel is able to be baptized on October 31st because he's been in the Binnalands and hasn't been able to go to church. But now he'll have the chance to! Well I don't have any pictures this week, this cyber is known throughout the missionaries to eat SD cards, so next time I will!

Tot later,
Elder Hardy

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