Monday, October 26, 2015

Hey Guys! Sorry I don't have that much time this week for a weekly email but I'm glad to say that all is good on the south front! The sun has been cooking me pretty badly recently and today we went to a place called Cola Creek, it's called Cola Creek because the water is the color of cola (brown) but even if I could swim in it I wouldn't! I'm fairly certain that's it's that color because of nasty stuff! But pictured below is a picture of a gecko I befriended, I caught him sneaking a drink from my cup and after him not liking me for a little bit we eventually became bros and he accepted me as his father, I named him Frank and I tamed him! Unfortunately I had to let him go back because I couldn't keep him but he will forever remember me!

I've been teaching English to this Portuguese speaking member and it's really interesting learning more about English as I teach it! They don't celebrate Halloween here really, the people here are pretty superstitious, they have giant trees here, people won't cut them down since they believe they'll receive an evil spirit if they do!

See ya next week!

-Elder Hardy

Pictured is Frank, a gecko I caught sneaking a drink from my cup
Thanks for the hat and the box full of Cheetos, Nana!

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