Monday, November 2, 2015

Veel Dieren!

This week has truly been the week of many animals! I had the chance to (sorta) teach a family home evening, it was in Portuguese though! We got invited and we shared a message and the Restoration video since it's in Portuguese, every now and then a parrot would swoop down and freak out everyone, it was a little funny. One of the Portuguese members has a less-active brother, he went to church this week and he was so happy to be back! We communicated through google translate and now we're pretty good friends! I also learned that Brazilians are huggers! This week we got transfer calls and I learned how Elder Cooper and I are staying together in the same area (Paramaribo North) so that's exciting! I'm officially done being trained but I still have a lot to learn, mostly in Dutch but I digress! This week for animals; I saw Dogs, cats (mostly kittens), a parrot, a spider monkey and a sloth! Gelukkig Kinderverkleedfestijn op de avond van 31 Oktober! Or as I like to call it, Halloween! That's the translation my dictionary gave me and it's certainly fun to say really fast! For Halloween we didn't really do anything spectacular, people here are superstitious so that means no celebration D: But on the bright side I did have the chance to wear my Harry Potter tie, so that was something! We gave a member's brother a baptismal date for December and it's hard to believe how much time has passed already! 
Mi lobi jullie!
Elder Hardy

Parrot in a members home

Portuguese Alphabet
Tight Rope Walking

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