Monday, November 9, 2015

Guyana or Bust!

Hey guys! This week has been quite interesting. We've had a lot of things happen in that we had two less actives say that they wanted us to stop seeing them and we had an investigator tell us through his friend that he wasn't interested in our message but we've also had a lot of success! We have 3 investigators on baptismal dates and we had a long time less active come to church this week! This week we also had the chance to do a service project at this place called Palmentown! It's called that because there are tons of palm trees everywhere! We fixed up and re-furbished the playground there so it was really fun! It took some time to finally get ALL the paint off of me but it eventually happened. Today we played Four-square, if there is one thing that Suriname Missionaries love more than Bakabanas is four-square! We get pretty into it! Especially when we star coming up with different ways of playing, for example, playing without using your hands, doubles, and playing where you have to hit it twice! It's pretty fun! Well that's all for now folks!

They have Zone Conference tomorrow and some of the missionaries including Cameron will be going to Guyana due to their Visa's haven't come through yet. Some of the missionaries are on what's called a tourist Visa and still waiting on their proper Visa's to come through. He's bummed, but excited to see a new country. Sometimes they only have to stay a day or so, but we won't know until that day comes. I know it will all work out and they will be where they are supposed to be. 

Elder Hardy

Elders Lewis, Cooper and Hardy

Palmentown, named after all the palm trees that fill the town.

Finished Playground after fixing and refurbishing.

Elders are serious about their 4-Square game. 
This little boy is one of the members sons; we're best friends.

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