Monday, November 30, 2015

Kerstmis is in De Buurt!

Fawaka Dudes and Dudettes! This week was filled with a lot of rain and just a lot of water in general. For example, there is currently a leak in our roof...But it's all good! Just got to wear flip flops and make sure nothing important is on the ground! Hopefully our land lord can fix it soon!
This week Elder Cooper got his Christmas package so we were messing around a bit with the stuff we got from his mom! <--- attached at bottom.
This week was pretty cool because it's been nice seeing Evelyn being able to do member things! We were teaching her a couple of days ago and we asked her how she felt at her baptism, she replied that it was such a wonderful experience, she was saying how it felt like magic with the way she felt! When we told her how it was the spirit that did that part so was just so happy! It was pretty cool talking with her about it. Every time I talk with a new convert to the church about how they felt at their baptism it's always such a wonderful thing to hear about, the comfort and joy they receive makes every day I've been soaked worth it!

Mi lobi jullie!

Elder Hardy

The Mirage Hotel has really gone downhill since I saw it last. haha

The caption he sent his brother "why moms are needed everywhere" - EWWWW!

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