Monday, November 16, 2015

Vliegveld keer! Ik ben zo dankbaar dat ik heb de gelegenheid om een zending te dienen!

Hey guys!

As the title suggests, I had to do some flying this week! To be precise, I went to Guyana for 4 days! Due to some visa problems I was having I had to fly out of the country, talk to the people at the Suriname Embassy in Guyana and then fly back. The problem was a holiday called Duwali (close in spelling) so it made us stay longer in Guyana since the embassy was closed for it! I'm glad to be back in Suriname! I'm grateful to be back and my parents are glad to know that I'm safe! Elder Cooper and I are doing really good, this week we're washing our clothes at Paramaribo South's apartment because our washer has been broken for sometime and we're tired of dirty clothes! But now everything will be fine! This week was interesting with looking into myself as to how leaving my area made me feel. When I was in Guyana I couldn't help but feel that I didn't belong there. It was fun teaching with the Elders in Guyana, I learned how much I like teaching in English and I hope one day I can feel as confident in my teaching skills in Dutch as I do in English! While in Guyana I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. On the bright side I got to play Monopoly (Lord of the Rings edition) Phase 10, eat pizza, fall in a trench, get some Guyanese money, meet an Elder going to Suriname next transfer, got to fly in a tiny plane, got to speak English to random people, got to try Guyanese Coke and got to see a guy on a bike pulling a tire that was on fire behind him (see attached) This week was also Zone Conference but because Elder Lewis, Christianson and I had to leave early, we only got to see about half of it. At least I got another stamp from a different country in my passport! With Christmas coming up every now and then we'll be biking and we'll see a house with Christmas lights on and Christmas music plays in the cyber today! Also, today on my way to Paramaribo South I nipped a car with my bike! I stopped in front of the car with a scared face and this guy gets out, fortunately he was British and told me how it was a rental so I didn't have to worry about it (I think part of the reason he was so cool about it was because I spoke English) ! I got pushed off the side walk by the cars so that's how my morning went! 

Fijne dag mensen!
Elder Hardy 

Guyana, picture of a cool rainstorm coming in

The aftermath of when I fell in a trench! It didn't hurt too much, it was mostly just pretty gross!

Guy on a bike pulling a tire that was on fire behind him

Guyana; Elder Lewis, Christianson and I
Guyanese money: $1,000 = $4.82 US dollars

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