Monday, December 7, 2015



Hey guys, it's been another beautiful week out here in 'Nam! Lately the rain has been starting up again so now we have to double layer our Het Boeken van Mormon we have on the back of my bike. Today we went to the park and had a sports day, it was pretty fun playing with most of the missionaries but two companionships are sick and one Elder had to get his feet checked out because of an in-grown toe nail. My favorite part of the week was how we had a contacting blitz. A contacting blitz is when all the missionaries go to the city and we go out and! It was pretty fun, we were at what was referred to by the missionaries as the "Bigi winkel" I was with two other companionships so we managed in different places along this area. Elder Ort and I went down the street and were on a corner for part of the time and man are Europeans stereotypically mean! But it's okay, whenever someone would yell at me I would make it hard by smiling at them, baby face for the win! Tomorrow is zone meeting so that means President Egbert will be here tomorrow! It's a weird idea about how my mission president is literally in a different country then me, most of the time. Well that's about it folks, Elder Cooper got an Ensign about this past general conference so that was really cool to read, if you haven't read/seen General Conference, I recommend you do!

Elder Hardy

Hi Mom!
Chocolate bar

Artwork in the park

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