Monday, December 14, 2015

First Transfer - Heading to Munder in Paramaribo

Hey guys and gals! 
This week was transfer calls. So I learned that I'm staying in Suriname but I'm heading to Munder in Paramaribo and I'll be with Elder Lewis, my companion from the MTC! We have new Elders and Sisters coming to Suriname so my current area, Paramaribo North is being changed a bit to accommodate for sister missionaries. Since I'm in Munder I'll still have parts of my old area! We have these areas called "red zones" which are places where Sisters don't go and where Elders avoid at night, so we get all the red zones from my old area! So I get my old stomping grounds, mostly geyersvlijt! Which is where a lot of our members and a couple of our investigators are! Elder Cooper is getting transferred to Comowijne, he's opening up a new group (a meeting place for members in that area) so that's really cool! I'm excited to see what the future has in store for Elder Lewis and I! With Christmas coming up it's important to remember where the first part of the holiday season comes from...well...Christ! Last night we headed to the church in Tamenga to watch the First Presidency's Christmas devotional in Dutch since that's all that was available! It was really cool though, a couple of months ago I couldn't even understand much of what was said but this time (pride check) I could understand most of it! It's nice to know how the Lord provides a way, even to some of his youngest! 

Didn't get to upload many photos the cyber's computer was eating my card and reading ERROR, so I better wait to try again next week. 

Elder Hardy

Elder Hardy & Elder Cooper
I received a few Christmas packages this week and this was in the package from Aunt Dawn! 

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