Monday, December 21, 2015

Kerstmas Feestje

Hey boys and girls! This week we had a branch Christmas party or as they like to say, "Kerstmas Feestje" It was pretty fun, they had the Elders all sing together and then they had the Sisters all sing or the "Vrouwlijke Elders" it was pretty fun! I got a selfie with Sister Pelswijk who was dressed up as Santa! Today the missionaries in Suriname are having a Christmas party at the church, I'm excited! This week with Elder Lewis and I getting used to the area, we've been doing a lot of traveling or biking to be precise. On Saturday we did a ton of biking, we traveled from the church in Tamenga to Geyersvlijt to Paramaribo Church to Munder then back to Geyersvlijt. The only time it didn't rain on us was on the way to Tamenga! I know these are a lot of words that I don't have explanations for but the short sweet part is that these places are not close to each other! We basically traveled from one corner of our map to the other corner! Good thing I biked to school everyday! We've been having a lot of cool experiences teaching others, the other day we went contacting and these two women were very interested in the Book of Mormon. We called a couple days ago to set up an appointment and the daughter was already reading! Funny story; in Suriname boys and girls do catcalls, so Elder Cooper and I were biking in the city when we a car honked twice at us (it usually means they know us an want to say hi) so Elder Cooper gave a thumbs up and I waved, turns out she was blowing us a kiss...oh well! Being on mission makes Christmas very interesting, I find myself less distracted by the more shopping oriented part of Christmas and more about the real reason it started! That's right, Jesus Christ! I encourage all of you this Christmas season thinking about the wonderful gift that he gave us; the Atonement! That's all folks, I wish you a wonderful and Merry Christmas, happy holidays!

Veel Lobi,

Elder Hardy 
Elder Hardy & Sister Pelswijk
Elders singing at the Church Christmas party
 Sister Missionaries

Branch sisters singing

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