Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas from Suriname!

Hey guys! This week was Christmas (as you all know) and one thing is for sure, mission Christmas is a pretty awesome Christmas! We opened presents with all of our lights up so it was cool to be able to do that! We also went to another Christmas party at Sister Marlena's the day of Christmas and it was really fun. I got to Skype my parents it was funny how they remarking at how much I've grown up and how tan I've got, sometimes I forgot what shade I originally was when I came out here! It was really fun being able to have a Missionary Christmas party because we played Werewolf and also had a white-elephant gift exchange. At a Winkel I found this cool looking Unicorn/Pegasus combo in a piece of glass so I put it in. The funny part besides that was as I was buying it the owner was about to put it in a bag for me when I stopped him and handed him some wrapping paper I had with me! He shrugged his shoulders and began to wrap it for me! That made the gift all the better. So this week one of the new missionaries, Sister Parker, had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting, I found it particularly funny because I've been in this branch for 5 months and I haven't had to give a talk yet! Saying this I'll probably have to give a talk soon...but no matter! I got an Ocarina and I learned how to play hymns on it! At first I was trying to play using ear only but then I stopped and realized how dumb I was, I realized that I could read music and then it got a lot easier! I'm really glad that I got to Skype my parents, Cole's voice has dropped, my mom is back in school and all my stuff has been divvied up amongst my brothers but other than that, it's about the same! Cole was very hyper during the call, my parents kept getting annoyed at him and Caden kept making funny faces at me, I love my family! Sorry I can't send pictures right now, I'll send two next week!

From the Dutch Elder in South America,

Elder Hardy 

Cam and his "MTC sister" Zuster Jorgensen.

Missionary White Elephant Christmas exchange

Elder Hardy & Elder Lewis

6 month mark, Burn a tie! It's tradition.

Opening up his loot from family! 

Cam loves this guy! He's preparing to serve a mission.

Merry Christmas from Suriname to Las Vegas!

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