Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Ironically enough, everyone here understands that phrase. This week was very interesting, New Year's Eve was exactly what people said it would be, World War III. It was pretty nuts! That night we came home a bit early because I was feeling pretty sick, I have a cold so it isn't anything TOO life threatening. Elder Lewis told me that at 12:00 he said "Happy New Year" to me but I too out of it, but then after some very loud booms we both jumped upright! We went outside for a bit (only playfully apostate) and the smoke was so thick and there were fireworks everywhere! The fun part about South America is that this is where all the fun and illegal fireworks live. I wanted to take pictures but it was too dark and in all honesty a picture just wouldn't do it justice! The days leading up to New Year's and even now, people are still shooting fireworks! The day after New Year's I was sitting in a chair just dying because I'm sick and someone was shooting off fireworks again, at 7:30 in the morning! Maar, ik voel me blij omdat ik ben hier! (But, I feel happy because I 'm here!) Today we played 4 square, if any of you didn't know, missionaries absolutely love playing 4 square. We played for a while and it got a lot more fun/intense when we played doubles! We have a new sister missionary whose name is Sister Vernes who will be going home the same time Elder Christianson, Lewis and I head home. This last week we had Zone Meeting with President Egbert, it was very cool! He talked about how important the Book of Mormon is for our conversion and bringing us closer to Christ, so the next day all of our lessons (literally) were lessons about the Book of Mormon! It was very cool to see how my Dutch has grown when it's directed at things relating to the gospel as well as seeing their faces when we teach about it! Unfortunately since I'm sick it's been very hard to find energy to do anything! Yesterday I was too tired to even want to make food (yes I still ate) Well I hope you guys all had a fun and safe New Year's Eve and I wish you all health!


Elder Hardy

A bunch of remnants of firecrackers that people were shooting on the street, all firecrackers.

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