Monday, January 25, 2016

Zo is het leven! (That's Life)

Hey everybody! This week was interesting, I ended up being in Paramaribo South twice! Once with Elder Hood the second time was with Elder Burr! I did service with him and he fell through the roof, partially, we also traded ties! I've also been having some bike problems, so I managed to delay the inevitable by using my bike lock to hold up my fender for the time being! So most of my bike problems are better, just love handles now! Sister Christansen is dead (in the missionary world this means she's not really dead, just returned home after serving a full-time honorable mission- missionary jargon) and has returned to America but the work continues to live on! The weird thing about her leaving is that I've been having mixed feelings; part in relation to going home the other part in being out here! I miss home, family, friends and things like Dr. Pepper, deep dish pizza, people not yelling that you're a part of a cult, etc. Although I'm missing out on all these wonderful, tasty and non-insulting things I know that this is WHERE I NEED to be! Something alarming, I now officially have to shave everyday, it's not fun! Growing up I thought I would enjoy that but little me was very uneducated about adult tendencies! This week was also transfer calls! Elder Lewis and I are still staying here. I've been here for a very long time; my entire mission in fact! Oh well, zo is het leven! Ik zal gaan waar hij will ik te gaan; of blijven, voor 6 maanden! So Elder Lewis and I are still in the running for the Elder Carpenter trophy, that is being in the same area for a year! I've been in Suriname for almost 6 months so we'll see! Well that was all for this week! Tot ziens!

Elder Hardy

Final group photo with Zuster Christiansen!  

How you fix bike problems in Suriname 

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