Monday, February 1, 2016

Houd van elkander! (Love One Another)

This week has been pretty long! Not for any particular reason but it just felt like it! I learned this week how much kids love it when you give them pictures of Jesus! We stopped by this less-active family and these kids kept asking for more photos! (I stopped it at two per child) Another funny kids related story was when we were contacting this lady on the street and she was watching the neighborhood kids and it seemed they all collectively (and individually) decided to mess with me! So I ended up distracting all the kids while Elder Lewis talked with this lady. So I had kids messing with my kickstand, my wheel, bell, shoes and even the bottom of my shoes! This is why I now carry around lots of pictures. Maar, in the end it all worked out, while I had kids treating me like a human jungle gym, Elder Lewis got her info! On Wednesday we ended up having to do a lot of contacting because when things fall through that means contacting en je moet iets in plaats van doet! So we met two separate guys both named Dwain, both on separate occasions and a 17 year old stay at home mom who had sister missionaries teach her which is weird since our area's marked off as being too dangerous but oh well! I was also reminded as to what happens if you have a Jehovah's Witness in a lesson with you...on the bright side, I had a fun time! We were teaching (bear with me) a less active's wife who is a non-member who's sister is a jehovah's witness who wanted to sit in our lesson. As we were teaching we ended up having to direct most of our lesson at her since she kept asking questions contrary to what we were trying to share. She was better than the last one I talked with, she actually gave me a chance to speak! I learned that the best way to react to situations like these is by being very nice! We ended up teaching doctrine still because jw's have certain parts right so the pattern went like this; I'd compliment something she said (about the gospel) comment on what she said and then relate it back to the lesson and teach! It worked fairly well but I could see how much she wanted to just get mad at me but I just kept smiling, being nice and using my young age to my advantage! She ended up giving us a pamphlet so we gave her a Book of Mormon. Testimony strengthening time; last night we were teaching an investigator who's always busy so we don't meet with him too often every week but this time we were able to share the Restoration with him. It was very cool because after Elder Lewis and I shared our testimonies and experiences with the Book of Mormon we asked him if he had any questions, he paused and sat forward in his chair and asked "So what do I have to do to get an answer?" The change in him was pretty cool to see. That's all for now folks! Houd van elkander!


Elder Hardy

New Shipping Info:
Before shipping any packages off for Cam, please contact me first. Still trying to confirm what the new mailing address is. 

This little guy wanted to help us paint during our service project

Elder Hardy at church- photo credit to Zuster Henna Ravie in his ward.

Studying in our new apartment
In honor of my Dad: following in his footsteps making tasty pancakes!
Zuster Missionaries posing with the scriptures in: Portuguese, Dutch and English. The three languages we have to teach here.

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