Monday, February 22, 2016

News From Your Foreign Elder

Hey guys and gals it's time for news from your foreign Elder. This week has been interesting, we've been trying to teach as many people as possible and boy has it been fun (and tiring) one thing is for sure, the more people we talk to the more I feel like I'm getting a hang on this Dutch Missionary thing! Ironically enough one of my favorite people to teach is Guyanese (he speaks English). The most exciting thing this week to happen was when I went on exchanges with Elder Prosman; it was quite the day. We started off having to wait in the truck for 4 hours while we were waiting for the landlord to get there. We spent the time talking about video games, the gospel, movies and Dungeons and Dragons; fun time. We then went to KFC before we headed to pick up some floor plans from the Sisters in Bologna, Sister Vernes drew pictures on the truck since it was pretty dirty. Afterwards we went to the cyber to upload said floor plans and also looked at some apartments for Paramaribo South, then we went out and worked! Senior Couple stuff is certainly interesting. This week has been interesting since Elder Lewis' zika has been flaring up again so I've spent some time just messing around in the apartment doing a lot of reading and watching a bunch of Mormon Messages, very inspiring! Today we went to Overbridge and it was a lot of fun, we got soaked by the rain during volleyball and I accidentally kept kahmayhamayha-ing the ball (Dragon Ball Z reference) it was a reflex I swear! I'm excited to go grocery shopping today because our fridge is looking pretty empty but that's about to change!


Elder Hardy

                  P-Day at Overbridge with all the missionaries today playing beach volleyball in the rain.

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