Monday, February 15, 2016

Trip to Trinidad, Foodie and Silliness....

Hey Brothers and Sisters it's time for another weekly update from one of the Hardyiest Elders you probably know. I'll start it off  with a funny story, on Wednesday I was on exchanges with Elder Hood after some rain we took off our raincoats, we got to our appointment but she wasn't answering her phone. So Elder Hood taught me that my coat was collapsible in the form of starting an impromptu game of volleyball. So this went back and forth for a minute when after a mis-hit on my end, it went over the fence of our would-be investigator. After surveying the scene, there was conclusive evidence that I was going to have to climb the wall; the gate was locked, she wasn't answering and my arms are not even close to being long enough. Also to add into this mix were two dogs, at first they were very interested in my coat (it still smells a bit like dog slobber) I climbed the wall muttering to myself "Man I'm stupid" with a mixture of "This looks bad". I grabbed my coat when I heard the dogs barking at me, so I threw my coat over and I wasn't too far behind! Moral of the story, do not play volleyball with a raincoat. I was on/over the wall for about 5 seconds but those dogs made it feel longer! Moving on; I was also in Trinidad for a couple of days. We got up at about 2:30 am and headed to the airport at 3:00 am. After our flight landed we were in the airport for a while (I learned Canadians love Trinidad) then the AP's picked us up. It certainly felt weird being in a place where you look outside and you know for sure that the person you see knows English! We ended up proselyting with the office Elders; Elder Ulloa Garcia and Carrillo, from Honduras and Ecuador so we were the go to guys for questions about English, it was weird. At one point we ended up splitting up so I went with Elder Carrillo to go contact while Elder Christianson went with Elder Garcia to go teach with a member named Enrique. We ended up teaching a guy right there and it was weird, I kept having to change words in my head to English! We then switched the other way and Elder Garcia, Enrique and I were heading to another lesson. As we were in the car Elder Garcia said if it didn't work out "We'd go get doubles" I've heard many stories about this wonderful (mythical for a while) food but I had only a wisp of an idea as to what it actually was! Soo....good....Basically to simplify it, think of special tortillas with curry, chick beans (or something like that) tasty sauce and a sweet hot taste. All the hype was not misplaced! Sure enough the lesson fell through but we contacted the guy's brother. At one point Enrique said "I used to promote parties, now I promote Jesus." Funny guy! The next day I was in the office with Elder Christianson so we helped with paperwork and we got to know Elder and Sister Bevins more! They're pretty comical people. So in all: I ate KFC, Papa John's Pizza, a Double, got a dollar from Trinidad and a tie! We got on our flight to Trinidad and we ended up having to consolidate flights and went to Guyana, then Suriname. Our flight from Trinidad left at 9:10 pm and got to Suriname at 3:00 am! The line for immigration was very long, which is the last thing you want to see at 3 o'clock in the morning but hey, now I'm home! Wan moi kondre! That's all for now, sorry about the long email!


Elder Hardy

Elder Ulloa Garcia and Carrillo, from Honduras and Ecuador, Elder Christianson & I

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