Monday, January 18, 2016

Not so weakly anymore!

Hey guys! This week I promise this letter will be (a bit) better. This week has been interesting since we've been having to worry about moving to a new apartment but it's certainly needed, that thing had Elders living in it for 8 years! That place looked like the last time it was cleaned was back when cellphones had to be big. It felt a bit surreal looking and seeing all the things taken out since I'd lived in that apartment for all of my mission so far! Thankful, we're now living above Sister Marlena and she's promised to spoil us, so I'll loosen my belt a little bit and prepare for the worse! This place has been interesting since we've been in Munder a bit more, I like Munder because we've been meeting a lot of cool people! We met this guy name Rusland and the other day I called him to try and make an appointment, the phone went a little like this (translated into English of course) "Hello?" "Hi, is this Rusland?" "Yes, who am I speaking with?" "This is Elder Hardy." "Elder Hardy!" It was pretty funny, really cool guy, prepared too but the only problem is he's working all the time! Maybe some day we'll be able to sit with him! Also, there is a missionary dying (going home) named Sister Christiansen! She's really cool and she's heading back to America! This last week was her last time in Suriname so we took a picture of the ones that were there, two of the sisters were sick. I hope you guys are all having a wonderful start to your new year!


Elder Hardy

Elder Hardy & Burr, Zuster Jorgenson & Christiansen(going home), Elder ? & Lewis

View from new apartment

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