Monday, October 5, 2015

Deze week in Suriname

Hey guys and gals! This week was General Conference, which essentially means I had the chance to listen to the leaders of the church while hanging out with a bunch of missionaries and members! It was a fun time, I couldn't help but get worried when I saw the prophet struggle with standing up there, we were taking down some notes and not a single one of us weren't watching the screen, it was certainly worrying! This week we had the good grace to have one of our investigators come to one of the sessions, she talked a bit with one of the Sister Missionaries and they sounded like they got along so that's pretty cool! I miss the moments when I used to sit on the couch and watch conference wrapped up all burrito style, felt a lot different considering I was wearing a shirt and tie the whole time for the first time in my life! It was reassuring watching conference knowing that even though I'm not with my family that what I'm doing is needed and how they're watching the same thing I am! This week was pretty exciting in how successful we've been in finding people who are very excited for our message. We were in a neighborhood klopping at peoples homes when an older couple was pretty interested, after talking to them for about 5 minutes about our church, they let us sit down with them and we taught them the about the restoration and the Book of Mormon! It's was pretty cool watching their faces light up when they heard about prophets being on the Earth again! Well that's all for this week guys, my time is out on the computer, tot later!

Elder Hardy

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