Monday, September 28, 2015

He's so Punny!

Hey all you goofy goobers! Today was the first week of new transfers. Elder Cooper is the officially new district leader so he does nightly phone calls, he has allowed me to do "Elder Hardy's Pun of the Day" I tell him a pun and he relates it back to the other missionaries! With how this last week was on money (I was just about out) I was surviving on peanut butter, water and bread. So I made a pun about it, "With all of this peanut butter I've been eating, you could say I'm going nuts!" Little things like that! We finally have sisters in our district and they've taken back Munder, after Elder Whetten's departure Elder Lewis has been moved to Paramaribo South which means he gets the area of Munder but not the name (weird, I know) of the area itself. We got an investigator to commit to baptism with a date! The only hard part is meeting with him since he's always busy! But we got a Guyanese woman to come with us, she's pretty funny and loves talking! Today for our P-day activity we played 4 square at the church. We set up the 4 square with drawings in each of the squares, the "King" square was the Celestial Kingdom, the "Queen" was the Terrestial Kingdom and the third was the Telestial Kingdom, the last spot was Earth! It was pretty fun it also got kind of intense it that we all got super good at keeping it good! Eventually we played "No hands" which involved us using our body but not our hands, I got good at using my head and my sound effects I would make during it would disorient my competition by forcing them to laugh! In all it was a great time, although the bike ride was pretty long! We also played basketball a bit but the real fun was in the square! That's all for this week, lobi!

Elder Hardy

P.S. New address to mail packages to Suriname

Ferm Cargo, Inc.
1345 NW 98th CT unit 10
Doral, FL 33172-2780

Put the address above on the top of the box and on the side of the box put address below as shown

Attn: for an LDS missionary
Elder Cameron Hardy
Telephone# 597-898-0647
PO Box 2932
Paramaribo, Suriname
South America

Koi Pond at a members house

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