Monday, September 14, 2015

Welcome to jungle!

Welcome to jungle, where the missionaries go to play! Or in our case hike, swing on vines and get soaked by a waterfall! Yes I know, it sounds awesome! Hopefully none of this sounds prideful but I'm just surprised that I had a chance to do that! In Suriname part of it is jungle so I had the chance to go to the Binna lands which is a more jungle part of Suriname south of Paramaribo. It was a long drive there but it was well worth the drive! To get to the part of the Binna lands that we wanted to go, Brownsberg, we had to drive through some pretty crazy terrain. We took the "Bakkara Bus", missionary van through some stuff that made me think we were going to have to push soon! This week we also had the chance to go to a baptism for a family of converts which was really cool to be at, there were a ton of people! The whole family had such strong testimonies and it was awesome being able to say I knew the missionaries who are out here with me doing the good work! I'm getting better at understanding but I still talk kind of funny but I learned a new tactic; whenever people laugh at me because of my Dutch, I just smile! It usually makes them want to help me learn more so as long as I "whistle while I work" I should be fine! Too bad I never learned how to whistle but the analogy is still there! Fijne dag mensen!

Elder Hardy

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