Monday, September 7, 2015

Companion Swaps and We Got Photos!

Suriname feels like it's trying to cook me alive! The sun bears down and the sweat just makes it worse plus the humidity doesn't help my situation! This week we had companion swaps with the District Leader Elder Carpenter, he's a really cool guy and I had the chance to go to his area. It's another area of Paramaribo but it's more of the central of the city as well as the part more to port. When I was on swaps with him I could see quite a lot of ships being loaded with shipping containers. It was awesome going to that area, I like the layout of it a lot more, partly because it's the crazy city that I love! On the same day of swaps, we had correlation where we spoke with the Ward Mission Leader, Brother Jubiatana is pretty cool, he has fairly long dreads and his son Angelo is pretty cool. I got to meet with a family called the Vrooms, the mother's children have all been baptized but because she wasn't married yet she couldn't be baptized. On the day I went with Elder Carpenter I got to hear her story about what she's been through, her immense desire to be baptized, her love of the church and gospel and how she is finally getting married, she's set to get baptized a little bit after her marriage date about October 8. Here in Suriname we don't knock on doors, we yell klop klop at the beginning of the property and hope they hear but we klop at homes with the doors/ windows open. People here are really friendly, a common thing to do to someone who passes by is give them a thumbs up! So that's always nice, I've also given a lot of high-fives while biking to kids, they're just like "Awesome, I got a high five from a Bakkara!" But in Dutch of course. I love biking here but my bike is not loved! I've had my third binna-band get deflated so we had to change it again, but I think we finally got the problem down, so hopefully no more inner tube problems! But I guess only time will tell. Today for P-day we had a sports day with South Zone as well. It was awesome being able to play with them, we played soccer and it was really fun playing with/against them. Since North Zone is bigger two of our own had to play for the South so it was a bit confusing at first but it got better! Pictured below are Elder Prestera Angelo and I at correlation.


Elder Hardy

Not sure what most of the photos are from. He just loaded them to dropbox this week and didn't have time to write explanations. I guess that'll be for the slide show when he returns home.

MTC Dutchie Family

Elder Prestera

Elder Cooper, Cam's companion

Elder Prestera

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