Monday, August 31, 2015

Zone Conference!!!

Zone Conference!!! This week was interesting but on a mission most of them are! My bike has been having problems with the tire and I've been surviving by the grace of God (and a slow leak). I was able to finally fix the tire today but it was not fun, Dutch bikes are more complicated than American ones and all the gears are in the back, where the flat was. But it's all taken care of for the time being! This week at zone conference I had to the chance to meet with all of the missionaries again, from both North and South zone! I got the chance to see Sister Ashcraft again and my entire family from the MTC were reunited! Elder Martinez of the Seventy and his wife spoke to us as well as President Egbert and his wife. It was pretty cool listening to them and I also got to listen to them the following Sunday. After zone conference we got pizza which was actually pretty good, it was awesome to have the chance to eat good tasting pizza! Way better than the pizza I had in Trinidad, that was pretty much cardboard covered in grease! Today for our p-day activity we played games with our zone, it was pretty much just hacky sack and werewolf! Werewolf was a little bit different than what I usually played with roles being a bit different i.e. (Witch, Hunter, Peeping Tom and Seer) But it was pretty awesome to play with them! I won most of the time even though they thought I was too new to do well! Haha but it was fun, it turns out I can still hacky sack pretty well even though I was in dress shoes. I had the chance to hear talks given in English and translated into Dutch, it was a strange but cool experience, hearing them say it in English and then kind of understanding what they said in Dutch! Make sure to eat pizza in my honor!

P.S. Sorry! I forgot my card reader! We were so busy trying to get my bike tire all fixed and planning the rest of our p-day that I forgot to grab it! D: It's been raining here quite a lot so I would appreciate socks that keep out moisture, a rain coat, polyester ties are always cool, saddle bags maybe? American food that transports is always good! Chocolate is able to be sent but I'll pretty much just have to throw it in the freezer. Trader Joes stuff is always welcome! Pictures of you guys would be nice too (sorry about the lack of this week, we both forgot our card readers) As well as anything thing else you think I might need with your mom intuition! Love ya!
Lobi Doei!

Elder Hardy

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