Monday, August 24, 2015

Soaked, chased by wild dog and having fun at the zoo!

Fawaka mi Broeders and Zusters! This week has been interesting, I've been soaked twice, kicked a wild dog while biking, got a wicked tan from all the biking I've been doing, learned that I block soccer balls like no one else, they have a zoo here and my bike is a menace to other bikes! With the last part (long story short) we were being chased by a dog and when I was focusing on him my companion decided to turn and stop to scare him off but I looked back and saw him turning so I didn't have time to stop. It's okay though, he has another bike! We've had a lot of appointments fall through so we've been running back and forth a lot with the hopes that we'll be able to find someone who A. Won't cancel and B. Someone who wants to learn. We did some tracting and met a couple of new people who accepted a pamphlet about the gospel and a BvM. So that's always cool! Today we went to the Zoo and it was pretty cool, lot of animals and it was weird, they even had pigeons in a giant cage, there were pigeons cooing at the pigeons on the outside! Thanks to all the biking in the rain and all of the junk that's been launched at me, none of my white shirts are white anymore but my shoes are becoming white, need to fix that. This week we also went back to back days of where we got soaked, good thing my shoes were able to dry. Two days ago we were teaching an Investigator named Gerson, we on his patio with him facing us towards his house and us facing him and the street. As we were teaching him I heard a Baaah, I looked over at the street and saw a herd of goats just casually walking down the road! It had all types of goats, small ones, big ones, ones with great big horns and baby ones! Also, when it was raining on us pretty hard we took cover across the way from a member's house (she wasn't there) but her kids were, we hiding under a shack made of sheet metal with a little outcropping, we were making faces at one of her kids when eventually he flipped me off! He knew what he was doing, he looked around and ran after he did it! Earlier in the week we were biking when we stopped at a stop sign and there was a pretty rambunctious car full of women, they were a little bit behind us so a little while later they drove past us and cat called, it was a really weird experience. Well that's it for this week all, when you're going through your week just remember, it's probably raining in Suriname!
Lobi Dooi!


Trip to the Zoo on P-Day with Elder Cooper

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