Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bon Voyage!

Hello everyone! It's my last week in the MTC and it certainly feels like it could not have come any sooner! It feels like I've been here forever but also like I just got here, especially when I have to do skype calls with a Belgian speaking Flemish, for those who don't know, Flemish is a dialect spoken in Belgium that is softer and spoken with a slight Irish sounding accent but Dutch, good thing where I'm going it is highly unlikely I'll have to worry about it! We ended up not hearing him announce that he had a spiritual experience about when he had a near death experience, we didn't understand what he said so we said something along the lines of "that's awesome and cool" We learned after the call! We got our flight plans this week and we're leaving Monday morning to head to the Salt Lake City airport, we head to Houston after that and then finally Trinidad, hopefully I get a window seat. We've been learning tons about the gospel and it's amazing! Whenever we teach our "investigators" I can my knowledge of Dutch and the gospel growing. We've been trying our hardest to survive this last week with most of the rest of our zone (the ones who got here the same day of us) leaving. The Norwegians' flight plans had some troubles, on Monday they left to the airport and had to head back to the MTC at around 6 pm, we were in class when they bursted into our room! On Tuesday half of them were supposed to leave but their tickets weren't even there, we calmed their troubled hearts during lunch! Most of them are heading to the airport today but I get the feeling that they're going to get there, soon enough my district and I will be heading to the airport ourselves! Next time I get the chance to email I'll be a stranger in a strange land!

Tot Ziens!

-Elder Hardy

A special gift, a personal planner, from Sister Hoopes (One of our favorite sister missionaries from Colorado) that she made for Cameron to use on his mission. 

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