Monday, August 10, 2015

Elder Hardy Phone Home

6am wake-up call from our handsome guy - totally worth it! It was so wonderful speaking with him and hearing his voice. He's off to Trinidad for 2 days of training then fly to his first area of service in Suriname. He spoke a few words in Dutch and sounded so good! He said he always knew he was going to serve a mission and had a bunch of little reasons why, but after some time in the MTC one day it hit him that he had one BIG reason and that was because of me, his mother, and my conversion story. You always hope your children listen to you when sharing personal stories, but you never really think they are actually listening. Cam also said his District President told him he is well liked by all and nobody ever has a bad thing say about Elder Hardy, (except when he was sick and coughing for two weeks straight and he had to barter Mountain Dew for ear plugs for his companions). Haha So proud of him and he sounds so grown up and mature in just 7 short weeks. God Speed!

P.S. I forgot to mention that his 10 minute calling card lasted 30 minutes! Whoop! Blessings all around today.

I got a second call from Cameron during his layover in Houston. However that call was only like six minutes before he had to board. He said it's so exciting when people ask him why he's all dressed up and he says "I'm a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints".  I love having a missionary! I asked him to say something in dutch and he said without skipping a beat "I love you mom". Man this kid has my heart!


Our last day with our teachers Sister Larson and Brother Vizante, Sister Larson was our first teacher and it was hard saying goodbye to her. Brother Vizante is a Romanian teacher but because of the lack of Romanians around, he taught us gospel mostly but he was a really cool guy!

Map of where they will be going.

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