Thursday, August 20, 2015

Picture Time!

A few photos I borrowed from his companions blog. Shilea Cooper, Cameron's new companions mom, contacted me the other day to inform me how to send letters and packages to Cam. It was great talking to another mom who had a son in the same place as our boy. Her son, Cole, has been out for one year, so they are pros at sending packages. The good news is she said every package she has mailed has reached her boy. Call me if you need instructions how to send a package. We could even go in on the shipping if you want to send something together. Another tip she gave me was to try to find his mission companions blogs because sometimes they post different photos than what we are sent. So below are a few photos I found. It's so nice to know her boy is happy, safe, and loving the Suriname area. Her son even said a few things about Cam that he really likes Elder Hardy already. Cam said the same thing about her son-- That is great they get along so well! 

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