Monday, September 21, 2015

Elder "Doll Face" Hardy

Suriname tot 'thuis, alles is klaar! We got transfer calls on Saturday, right before a lesson! Elder Cooper and I are staying in the same area and he's becoming the new District leader so that means I don't have to do nightly phone calls anymore! This week was Elder Mercier and Elder Whetton's last week on their mission before they "Die" so I had the chance to go to Koewarasan (pronounced Corusant but without the T, think of Star Wars!) It was pretty fun riding with Elder Jennings but boy was it a big area, I did so heel veel miles but I was pretty thankful for the chance to see South Zone finally! In Koewarasan there's a Sister Hilla who tells all the missionaries what their faces look like; Elder Bowen and James look like Cold toads, Elder Jennings looks like Diego from Ice Age and I have a cute face like a doll, or a doll face if you will, better than a cold toad! It turns out that the new missionaries that were being trained are going to be held back in the States for a bit while they're visas go through, I'm currently here on a tourist visa (90 days) so hopefully I myself can get a visa before that expires, otherwise I'll have to leave Suriname, go to Guyana and come back! Today will be my last P-day with our dying Elder Whetton, so in celebration we're going to Popeyes and we'll be playing board games! Pretty good way to end a mission if I do say so myself! When I was in Koewarasan I had a chance to see "Meet the Mormons" while eating a snickers I got from Elder Jennings, it felt pretty cool to just relax for once! This week we also had a contacting "blitz" it basically is when all the missionaries in both zones head to Paramaribo and set up in different areas, I was at the church, and we just talk to people about the gospel. It was pretty cool and fun, we also had a chance to meet with a lot of people who were genuinely interested in our message!

Elder Hardy

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