Monday, February 13, 2017

"Ik ben koud!" "Hoe voelt u zich? Burr, toch?" "Ja-is dat een woordspeling?"

Good afternoon everyone!

My week was pretty interesting but I won't overboard you with details or at least I'll try not to.

This week I had my first bike crash on my mission! I'm actually very surprised, mostly because this is the longest I've gone in my life without crashing! It wasn't super bad, it was raining and we were going pretty fast when I accidentally took a turn too sharp and then, before I knew it, my bike was no longer under me! My hands got scraped up but since it was raining, it kind of washed it out. I ripped my pants and even my pocket but almost as soon as I hit the ground, I got backed up; I could've sworn I bounced off the ground and landed it! I feel like it was a bit of a miracle, especially when you consider how fast I was going!

I also accidentally made ice cream as well. Right after my crash, we continued heading home to do some planning and I was in a "I just crashed so I'm gonna make a smoothie to make myself feel better" kind of mood. I used Elder Lewis' frozen strawberries that he left (Elder Burr talked me into using all of them, good choice), vanilla, sugar and legit milk from America. So I mixed and the blender started to make a weird noise and I tasted it and it was ice cream. Pretty good though.

My new companion's name is Elder Burr! Him and I served around each other at the beginning of my mission when I was in Paramaribo so we can laugh about those times still! He's from Bay Area, California, he's like to run a lot and he kicks butt in basketball!

Well I hope you had a wonderful week!

Elder Hardy

Title Translation:
"I am cold!" "How are you feeling? Burr, right?" "Yes-that's a pun?"

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