Sunday, July 19, 2015

Doctor, Oral Surgeon, and Ties Oh My!

Hello Family,
This week has been tough, I have a doctor's appointment for later today because of some unusual swelling and pain on the right side of my face. Nothing too bad but just curious as to the reason behind it! The language has been becoming easier but still pretty challenging! We're starting to have English Fasts! Last night had a spirit journey it was fun and I was able to do it with the Danes, the Sweeds and Elder Lewis. I found out that my spirit animal is a monkey (not to surprising since I've told an increasing amount of puns here). Starting to wish I could party with the family but for the time being, I have my zone full of Elders to keep me occupied!

Part II
Regarding the phone call you got earlier today, I have an appointment with an oral surgeon tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM and I got some pain meds about 10 minutes ago.The doctor did an xray and found I have an abscess where one of my wisdom teeth were pulled. I'm alright but my face hurts, it doesn't look that bad but it makes me look like I did back in middle school but only on one cheek when you look at me from the side. When I heard the phone call when the doctor was talking with you guys, part of me wanted to yell, "Hey parental units!" and desperately wanted to just talk to you, but I refrained. I'm good! I love and miss you tons but everything should be good! The appointment tomorrow will make sure of that!

Sometimes we workout in the hall if I am not too tired. Don't get a whole lot of sleep around here.

We do something called the "Not Tie Draft" we take ugly ties and put them and our name tags in separate bags. When your name tag is pulled, you grab from the bag and you have to wear whatever tie you get the day after!We're doing one later tonight, I will tell you about it until next week, love you both!
-Elder Hardy

If you have any funny missionary stories, I'll be glad to read them!

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