Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday is a Special Day

This week in the MTC was interesting, we got locked out of our room again (we have a backup key now) and I got several packages in one day (most of them were from my mother- thanks mom! ) and Aunt Nikki and Nana. Inside were cookies, more cookies and very colorful tasty popcorn: rainbow, watermelon and green apple and other fun stuff! My dad sent me a yo-yo but was a trick yo-yo and I am not very yo-yo inclined yet so trying my best to use it (and failing). 
Yesterday my companions and I did a split with one of the Elders from another Dutch district who hadn't left yet, (his Visa hadn't come through yet, so he flew to Las Vegas this morning first to serve until his Visa comes through). Elder Christensen and I taught Onderzooker (investigator) by ourselves, it felt kinda weird but we made it through. Teaching in Dutch is a bit frustrating, I know what I want to say but don't know necessarily how to say it YET. I ended up having our Onderzooker read the wrong scripture at first so I said "Het Spijt Mij" which literally translates to "It pains me" but means Sorry. All in time! 
Did some tie trading this week. The American Flag one, I got from Elder Perry in my zone. I got a few other fun ones too, like a Harry Potter Gryffindor tie. haha
P.S. I like the Dear Elder letters since I get them physically delivered to me and an email so I can respond to them on my P-Day. Love and miss you a lot.
Time for me to go, Tot Ziens Mother Dear!

-Elder Hardy
Elder Hardy

Playing homemade croquet to pass some time (We study 10hrs a day)

Receiving packages feels like Christmas morning

Picture collage of Cam's zone, he's near the top right

4th of July with his Missionary Trio

Dutchie group leaving for their missions

Elder Hardy & Elder Norton (Dutch teacher, he served in Suriname 5yrs ago)
Doing some juggling to pass the time

District meeting

Elder Hardy's study area

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