Sunday, July 5, 2015

We Got Mail! (an actual physical card and an email)

Hi mom! My first day at the MTC was pretty interesting, the language is difficult but getting locked out of your room is worse! I'm not sure if my letter has gotten to you yet (I sent it Saturday) but I have two companions so I'm in a trinity haha I've taken pictures of my time here, I sent you a few. My teachers are pretty cool, vershickalick icka means despicable me and ch and g are pronounced in a guttural fashion. In my district there are my two companions, two sisters and I. In the zone, we have two district of Dutchies that are going to the Netherlands/Belgium mission along with a couple of Danish elders and the Swedish and Norwegian have quite a lot on both sides of them. The Dutchies and our district become pretty quick friends, we recognized each others quotes (mostly monty python and hot rod) so it was pretty funny whenever we talk about it. We've been learning a large amount but you can only hold so much water in your hands, so we've been forgetting quite a lot but we relearn it and go through it quite a bit. The food here is pretty good, for my first couple of days we had to eat in the gym because the 1st presidency was training new mission leaders, our district got to meet ours and he talked about opening up Aruba and Curacao since they're main language is Dutch. Also, can you send me some doterra stuff? I've been sick since I've got here and it's getting quite annoying (coughing, runny nose, congested, sneezing) Tell the boys that when they go to the MTC don't eat the hot dogs, they taste pretty funky. Tell dad that I'm starting to wish that I had asked him about his mission journal. Hard to believe it's only been a week, it's taken forever but it's also felt pretty quick, choir was interesting as I only got to go to one rehearsal before a performance (my companions didn't like it very much) well I'm doing a bunch of laundry and I hope my whites stay that way. I miss you all more than I thought I would but even with all of my doubts and homesickness I know that I'm better off here!
Love and miss you all!

-Elder Hardy
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