Monday, March 7, 2016


Hey folks! To start off the email, we got transfer calls on Sunday; I'm going to Uitkijk! Uitkijk is the largest area in Suriname, the area boundaries are fairly simple, it's however far you're willing to ride your bike! It's in the middle of the jungle and quite a ways away from Munder but that's okay, just another adventure! I'm excited and nervous as this is the first time I've had to move to a new area, new zone too! As it is in the jungle, I'm hoping to get some pictures with a sloth and or a monkey at some point! I'll be with Elder James! Elder Lewis is staying here and he's getting Elder Hunt, we're doing a straight swap of companions! I will miss Paramaribo though, but if Uitkijk is where I'm needed then it's to Uitkijk I will go! On a different note, Kolif (our investigator) came to church again! He loves it! He was sad to hear how I was leaving but it was made easier when he found out that Elder Lewis would be staying here. It truly sunk in that I was leaving during the Sacrament on Sunday, I took the time to reflect on how much I've actually changed since I've first gotten here; all the things I've had to overcome mentally and spiritually and I'm proud to say that I feel completely changed from the person I once was! The Atonement is an amazing thing, not only the power to be forgiven of sin through repentance but also the means of how we grow, change and receive the help that we desperately need to make it back to Heavenly Father. I hope you're all having a wonderful week so far!


Elder Hardy

Tan lines you develop as a missionary who's on a bike every day!
Elder Hardy tan lines vs. Zuster Jorgensen tan lines
Aroishi (the baby of a member's sister) 
Love getting pictures from little cousins - a gift that keeps on giving. Makes me smile daily.

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