Friday, March 25, 2016

Uitkijk times and adventures!

Hey everyone it's time for another weekly edition of Suriname Weekly, missionary edition! This week has been quite interesting. We've been doing a lot of finding but it's slowed down these past few days. Not for lack of effort or biking but we're out of Books of Mormon so it's been harder but we should be getting some tomorrow! Part of me wishes I had an odometer to see how far I've been biking but part of also doesn't want to know! Yesterday alone we rode 20+ miles doing this thing called "the loop" distance wise it's larger than the entire city of Paramaribo (by a very large surface area) so in the words of Elder James, "Yesterday we rode circles around the other missionaries" I had to kick a dog yesterday since he wanted to treat me like a chew toy! The long bike rides certainly give me time to think and contemplate about a lot of things so this week I was pondering a bit over the Book of Mormon. Yesterday at church in the 3rd hour we were having a discussion about the Book of Mormon. It started off well but then some contention started to form which I thought was interesting since that's the exact opposite of what the Book of Mormon is here to do. It's not only another testament of Christ, it sets plain the doctrine of salvation, shows that everyone has the power to receive personal revelation, that God didn't abandon his children which a "fight amongst yourselves!" type attitude! Just some thoughts I've been contemplating. On a better note we had 2 investigators in church! One was a woman named Yolanda who is together with one of the members and the other was a man named Ronald! We randomly found Ronald when we were biking. We were about to call it quits in the area and bike somewhere else when I felt like we needed to try one more house and thus we met Ronald! Apparently Elder James found him a long time ago when he was first in the area. He sat us down, was very excited to see us, grabbed his book and brought us drinks and asked us when church was! Very cool experience.
Well that's all for this week, sorry about no photos still, I'll have to send a bunch one day!


Elder Hardy

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