Monday, June 13, 2016

Vermoord door chocolade!

Hey everyone, it's missionary time!

This week has been quite the week, this week I got to go to Groningen with Elder Rodas and we had an awesome time on our way. We found a lot of very cool people and quite a few Dutch people!

At one point Elder Rodas felt like we needed to go down this one road leading into the jungle (I'd never been down there before) so we decided to go for it. We went and it opened up into this huge clearing with this very large house and piece of property, there was a sign that said no unauthorized personal or something close to it, so we were trying to see if we could get someone's attention (we could see a Dutch couple and some workers) so a Surinamer pulls up and asks us who we are, we explained and he said he'd ask for us but told us we could come through.

We start talking with this older Dutch woman and she was very cool and funny, she was wondering as to what would possess us to trek through Suriname in a tie and dress pants but she was happy to talk with us. She said we could come by and her and her husband clear some land sometime and she said we could share more of our message as well, she seemed interested in it.

Her husband talked with us a bit and said that when we come by he'll leave the football game on for us if we want to watch, they were very cool!

Also, the reason for the title of this email is because this morning we rode for about half an hour to get some Dutch chocolate milk, "De enige echte!".

Worth it.

Love you all!

Elder Hardy

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